I first heard about OM from an acquaintance of mine, who invited me to a One Taste Turn On event. I remember her describing the practice and having a mixed reaction of shock, disbelief, and a suspicion that she was playing a joke on me. I was a single man, never married, never in an intimate relationship with a woman more than a year and age 45. From my point of view, I could not even begin to imagine that women existed in the world that would even consider trusting me, a stranger and not in a some medical role to touch their bodies, in order to connect without any expectations of emotion, romance or sex. And even more baffling was stroking their most sensitive and private part of their body, their clitoris.
And I was not even going to attend the event, except my friend urged me to watch Nicole Daedone 's Ted Talk on Youtube. After watching her talk, I felt so moved. The only other time that I felt so moved by a speech was listening to Martin Luther King's "I have a Dream" speech! I had to go to the event because I could feel there was something deeper happening and it felt like I wanted to be a part of it even if it appeared rather risky to me at the time. Almost 4 years later, and a practice of averaging at least one OM session per day, the practice of orgasmic meditation feels like the most normal, healthy thing I do for me and for humanity. I cannot imagine life without OM practice. It would be like telling me to eat food only once a week and stay awake without sleep all the time. The practice has helped me to grow in ways that are individual to me and yet has shown me that there is a universal truth about human beings needing to connect on the level of physical sensations like temperature, quality of touch, things that we all have felt in our bodies since our birth before language, emotions, thoughts gave any meaning or value to the sensations. I have learned not to believe everything I think and trust more in what I feel as real and then to start with the sensation and ask myself what it means or what meaning I could choose to give the body sensation. My body tells me the truth if I am listening to it. Her body tells me her truth if I am paying careful attention to it.