Amy + Tomas

I introduced Amy to the practice on our third date. I was so nervous that she would laugh at me and walk off that I couldn’t eat the burger in front of me.

Amy didn’t laugh, she almost cried. It sucked. I had met this really amazing woman and was about to lose her before we even had a chance to ret to know each other or try the practice.

Luckily she didn’t walk off.

A week later Amy participated in a private OM training and promptly met my mother straight after. Orgasm works in the strangest and most unexpected ways.

During the past six months we have experienced intense highs and lows and a deep connection that each of us had only ever dreamed of.

OM is our practice. It has taught us to trust each other's shortcomings as strengths, and our own insecurities as a way to connect and be intimate with each other. We stay connected and don't hide anything. It's not easy but it is worth it.

Our sex is evolving into unexpected territory. We learn about each other and what we both like through the space that is created between in the practice of OM.