I OM. I just passed my one year OM anniversary. It’s been quite the year, one unlike any I have known before, but then aren’t they all so different! This one is unique in that OM has helped me to stay solid in the midst of some very stressful life experiences. I work as a somatic psychotherapist and have been aware of the limbic connection that is shared when I am connecting deeply with my clients. In the confines of a therapy session I can use the sensory limbic connection to help inform me of my client’s somatic experience as it is unfolding. I had never been able to use the limbic connection though to deepen into my own experience. Thanks to my OM practice I have significantly changed my capacity to hold challenging sensation and turn theses disturbing reflexes into resources. For example I used to get this very gluey feeling in my chest and through OM I have begun to recognize this is the sensation that arises when I am ungrounded but still embodied. Now when I feel it, I know to re ground my energetic body. I’ve also been able to take my post menopausal body into a very open, very sexual relationship. My One Taste teachers often say that OM is like yoga for your sex life and after OMing I can see why. Its not that my sex life or my relationships weren’t satisfying before its that they went from good to ecstatic and beyond belief. The trials and tribulations of an open relationship felt like a constant daily barrage to my nervous system but thanks to OMing I feel like I’ve been able to manage and feel my intense jealousy until it quiets down naturally from the attention rather than trying to change the behavior of my partner.