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What will my story be used for?

We believe that your story will change lives.  We believe it is only through your story that the world can discover what is possible with Orgasmic Meditation.  In this regard,, we hope to use it in many ways.  Whether it be on our webpage, or an ad campaign, or in a university lecture, or maybe even a book, we believe the more people read your story the better!  

If I share my story will my name be shared with it? Is it OK if I want my story shared, but not my name?

Yes.  It is OK to not provide your full name with your story.  This is entirely up to you.  Our request is that at minimum we be able to use your first name, age, and occupation, as we believe this makes your story the most real to the reader.  Beyond that is your choice.

How many stories do you want?

We are on track to have 300 by Thanksgiving 2018.  Our goal is 1000 by March 2019.