The Healing Path

Next OneTaste Trauma Course: Friday Dec 9th Available in LA or via livestream

Taught by:

Rev Joanne Coleman
Spiritual Director at OneTaste

Elaine Miller Karas
Trauma Resource Institute

The Healing Path is our powerful new model for healing trauma.

We define trauma as a mental and emotional response to an experience that has threatened your ability to fully live in the present moment. To paraphrase Gabor Mate: You see what is lacking, instead of experiencing the infinite.

At OneTaste, we work with trauma as an experience intended to instill power. Giving you access to a part of yourself you wouldn't have otherwise discovered. The experience seized you, left you frozen, instead of initiating you into power.

"The one who pulls out of the dark place becomes the medicine man, and the one who stays in it is the sick person. You can take every psychological illness as an initiation. Even the worst things you fall into are an effort of initiation, for you are in something which belongs to you."

- Joan Halifax