Finance Policy

OM has shifted the way we see work, money, the pursuit of passion and how we spend our days. As a result of this, we here at OneTaste have decided to take a different approach to the finances of our company.

We’ve typically known two kinds of work: one of production where you spend your days efforting towards a goal, forget the other aspects of your life, and earning a lot of money to compensate for these things. Or, we’ve known one of purpose where you spend your days fixated on your passion, struggling to make ends meet, battling against certain regulations, and creating a world where your passion comes to fruition.

Our goal is the sweet spot as a business – not in avoidance or gluttony. Our goal is to recognize that the spot moves, put the necessary containers in place, stroke to resonance, and continuously find the sweet spot. This is where “get off” lies in a business.

Lets start at the beginning…The dream was always to share this practice, not build a business. We started a business to bring the principles of Orgasm and have a means of connection to an arena that was mostly caught in achievement, competition and scarcity. We applied the principles of Orgasm to our business and it started to grow exponentially. As we grow as a company, we all realized that money doesn’t change much — we are already rich with community, friendship and orgasm. So in an effort to keep our feet on the ground with our head in the sky we share our company finance plan with you. These are our agreements with money:

  • Our staff has capped salaries
  • We remain lean in expenses
  • Our profits will go to continuing to create and support Orgasm based missions
  • We are dedicated to using crowd sourcing determined philanthropy
  • All things we support will be grass roots, people-to-people efforts
  • All things we have access to (our venues, our technologies, etc) are available to other non-profit groups when available
  • Always aimed more at the side of giving rather than keeping

Our aim is to be a practice-based business, continuously working to find the spot, that supports ours and others efforts of getting Orgasm out into the world.

In order to have the ability to find the sweet spot as a company, our employees need to come from full. Our employees have agreed to live from full – rather than living a life according to a formula of what is guaranteed to make us successful, we live according to what feels right. We agree to do the things necessary to create flow and growth in all that we do. We create a culture designed to reach peak states and stretch us far beyond what we thought possible – we prioritize our practices of OM, yoga, inventory and meditation. We agree to be connectable, even in off work hours. We recognize that being connected, usable and available is the thing leading us to what we want – a practice-based business.

It’s a new kind of work – one found at the intersection of life and work.
Together, creating the new paradigm.