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A 6-month innovative experience which shows you that connection, desire, and TurnON can be your fundamental orientation to the world.

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Rachel Short,
Coaching Program Director

The Program

Harness your insight, power and skill to create the life you didn’t think was possible, one that would change the way you interact with the world: An Orgasmic Life. You’ll be joining a diverse cohort of people from around the world who dive deep into the philosophy and practice of OM… (and everything that goes with it) through monthly immersive classes, practices, peer coaching and expert guidance.

We’ve designed the roadmap and guide you through an innovative experience which gives you the skills and tools to make an impact through showing you how connection, ignition and TurnON can be your fundamental orientation to the world.


Meet Your Teachers

Eli Block is a teacher, trainer, blogger, and Lead Orgasmic Meditation Instructor at OneTaste. Born in Berkeley to a psychologist and a Zen Buddhist monk specializing in home inspections - a meditator since childhood, Eli began studying Orgasm in 2008 while recovering from a rough breakup. He left his job at Apple to become a member of OneTaste’s full time staff, a path that would take him around the world as the director of OneTaste operations in multiple cities and eventually Los Angeles where he currently resides. He is a prolific speaker recently having been invited as a guest lecturer for Tony Robbins’ coaching staff, Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof Podcast and more.
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Marissa Ward is the kind of woman who, since day one of her discovering this path of Orgasm, has fully and deeply immersed herself in this work. At OneTaste, we define intimacy as "The willingness to be fully yourself, even in the face of someone else being dissonant with who you are." Marissa is unapologetically herself. It’s through her relentless care that her brilliance and her sense of humor come out. One thing to be sure of with Marissa, she will never give up on you, nor on your desires. She has been practicing OM for three years and is now a OneTaste Certified Coach and Orgasmic Meditation Teacher and Trainer.
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Aubrey Fuller is an 8-year Orgasmic Meditation practitioner, and 6-year OM Instructor and Coach. She is exquisitely skilled at taking people deep into their involuntary (the place where we are who we are beyond facade and script) and is known for her keenly sharp intuition and care in working with people in that state to reveal their true brilliance. In her work with students, Aubrey uses the power of OM to reveal the blueprint of who they are and what their unique, irreplaceable function is in the world. Once a shy introvert without much of a voice — she is now a bright, brilliant woman and representative of Orgasm in the world.
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Rachael Hemsi is a Senior Faculty at OneTaste and Director of the company’s flagship operations in San Francisco. A longtime practitioner and coach of Orgasmic Meditation (10+ years), Rachael carries an immense and love and care towards all around her that has her presence and attention widely sought-after. Prior to OM, Rachael worked as a social worker aiding gang members and teen moms. She is known for championing the dreams of those around her with an unwavering faith that makes the impossible possible.
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The Benefits

  • Learn how to reorient your business to be led by desire
  • Cultivate a healthy lifestyle and energy level
  • Become competent in the art of event-hosting and community building
  • Develop the exquisite listening and verbal stroking skills needed to guide your clients towards major breakthroughs
  • Gain competency in sales and marketing and foster an unshakable confidence in your own value
  • Have the opportunity to safely explore your fears and desires experiment with new ways of relating
  • Build lifetime friendships with an inspiring community of changemakers
  • Become an intimacy expert – someone who is at ease with themselves and available for a deep level of intimacy with the people in their lives
  • Sharpen your intuition

Program Details

  • 6-month program, with 3-day weekend on-site immersions every month, covering topics such as healing, desire, communication, relationship etc.
  • Led by our senior faculty with combined decades of experience with Orgasmic Meditation
  • Upcoming programs beginning in New York (November 2017) and Los Angeles (April 2018)

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