The Experience

Women's Intensive

Sep 12 - 17

The Women's Intensive is an experiential immersion that takes each woman on a journey to confront the 7 Hindrances of Womanhood. The Hindrances are the conditionings and barriers that women encounter that lock them behind their desire, full expression and power. When a woman does the intricate work of freeing herself from these hindrances she creates an opening, not only for herself but for other women to find and realize their full desires too because "if we do not awaken together, we do not awaken at all." In the weeks leading to the immersion each woman will learn about the hindrances and create a project where they research where they are losing power or not being themselves and then practice the liberated expression of each Hindrance.

"I felt nourished to my soul at the Women's Intensive. Thank you!"— Nancy, Los Angeles


7 Topics to Explore:

  • The 7 Hindrances of Womanhood & their exalted forms
  • The Hindrances are:
    • Silence
    • Withholding
    • Romance
    • Obedience
    • Deprivation
    • Sororicide
    • Victim
  • The Daemon - when your desire awakens
  • Your Desire is your service to the world
  • Your Magnet - cultivate it, aim it
  • Developing your Orgasm through Levels of Attention

Course includes:

  • Weekly Women's Intensive calls that introduce the topics of The Hindrances and group discussion.
  • Weekly pod coaching with 4-6 other Sisters on the Path
  • 6 day/5 night all-inclusive, experiential immersion on The Land
  • Guidance on a personal project on your journey through the Hindrances that include OM challenges and Research challenges.

NOTE: Space in the Intensive is highly limited and only available to qualified participants. If you're interested in plunging into The Intensive, contact Rachael Hemsi at [email protected] or +1 (510) 689-6384 today.

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