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The Women's Course

The women’s course is the opportunity to fully immerse in the company of women, feel under-the-radar care and empathy and learn from senior female instructors. When women come together, we tap into a source pool of healing, understanding and power. Competition and cattiness dissolve into genuine friendship.

In three short days, unwind the bondage of conditioning around what it means to be a woman — what we’ve been told about having the right kind of sex, appropriately expressing our emotions, wanting just the right amount, and how much of a boss we can be and still find a partner. As we watch it fall away, we wake up from this prison and take our first steps of freedom together in sisterhood.


"My eyes were opened and I found the best way to be real. How to live a turned on life!"— Cheryl, Los Angeles, CA


Topics for the Weekend

  • Leading with desire
  • Using your power
  • Learn to fall in love with your body and let her guide your purpose
  • Learn a new model for womanhood — through, empathy, sisterhood and a deep rightness in ourselves

The class will be a confidential and professionally held course with subject matter experts. The course takes place from 10am - 6pm with a 90-minute lunch break. Everything in the course is optional.

We're committed to your satisfaction. Each participant will receive a phone call from an Orgasm Expert welcoming them to the course and orienting them to the practice within one week of the course date.

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