The Experience

Winter Cleanse

Dec 28 - Jan 1

Join us for a thorough, Orgasmic reconciling excavation of the past year (and beyond!) at the Winter Cleanse.

At our annual Winter Cleanse we deliberately transition from the old to the new in our purpose and in our relationships

It’s a festive celebration of the past year, a restorative haven of enjoyment, and an opportunity to craft the next round of infinite play in our lives while surrounded by others in the Orgasmic community.

"Through the purifying light of the Winter Cleanse, I was able to soften and find compassion for myself and others for where they're at. I found kindness."— Austin, San Francisco


After completing the Winter Cleanse, you’ll have:

  • The exciting freedom of an internal “clean slate”
  • Undergone profound healing and recovery work
  • A feeling of being deeply seen and lit-up from intensive group coaching
  • Daily practice time
  • Taken part in rituals to honor where you’ve been and prepare for what’s next
  • OM partners from all over the world and the experience of community

For inquiries or to speak with a live representative, please contact Eli Block: +1.800.994.0041

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