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Wakeup Intensive

This Intensive is designed to identify, excavate and dismantle the stories, beliefs, patterns and habits and to see who you are are free from all the masks of the ego. It is for those people who, more than anything want to shed the comfort of personality and come fully out, to live awakened out past the edge of all they know and from there create a desire-driven, turned-on life. The Intensive is designed around the journey of the the Orgasm Map and each student will learn about and play with each location and learn how to unlock the power found in each part of the Path. Set up like an infinite game, it calls the players who are ready.

"Unconditional Freedom is freedom in all conditions."— Nicole Daedone



At the conclusion of this course students will have:

  • Relate to others from a place of power and self-responsibility
  • Heightened awareness of their patterns and habits of when they fall asleep and tools to work with their minds in those moments
  • Tools for navigating how to stay clear when confronted with doubts, fears and problems
  • Feel a regenerated connection to their bodies, their life, in their relationships and to the natural world

Topics include

  • How do you stay awake in relationships, how to find connection when you’re in despair
  • How to escape the trap of being locked in resentment
  • How to find purpose when you want to give up on everything
  • What it means to be fulfilled
  • Service is your quickest route to fulfillment
  • When is it a good time to put attention on work and when is it time to be immersed in the down
  • How to go down with full conscious and not get locked in indulgence so that you have more power when you come back up

NOTE: Space in the Intensive is highly limited and only available to qualified participants. If you're interested in plunging into The Intensive, Rachael Hemsi at [email protected] or +1 (510) 689-6384 today.

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