The Experience

Summer Retreat

The Art of Surrender

July 26 - 29

There’s this feeling in relationship, where you want it to go a certain way, your way. But really, we want dynamism in our lives. We don’t want things to go our way. We want them to go wildly better than we could imagine, where we feel alive and surprised and called to something. It’s in relationship tp something or someone where we learn who we are. When we stop controlling and actually find intimacy. It could be food, your partner, etc. When we are willing to to surrender to the intimacy and the honesty and what’s happening in each moment, we’re alive. We say the first to surrender, wins.

This Summer, join us on the Land for a three-day retreat exploring the art of surrender.

"Our most powerful tool is surrender."— Nicole Daedone


The Retreat includes

  • Innovative tools and practices to cultivate fulfilling relationship
  • A community of connection – retreat participants, both singles and couples, from around the world
  • Lectures and coaching circles with senior OneTaste faculty, to free stuck patterns and build relationship based on desire
  • Daily practices to integrate your learning – meditation, yoga, writing
  • Time to fully relax in the gorgeous surrounds of the Northern California woods - let nature restore and enliven you
  • Simple modern shared accommodations
  • Delicious organic meals prepared by our in-house chef


$4,399 On a payment plan with a deposit

$3,999 Paid in Full

For inquiries or to speak with a live representative, please contact Eli Block: +1.800.994.0041