The Experience

Power Retreat

October 11 - 14

We’ve been taught that being self sufficient is the key to being powerful. Our safety, our worth, our potential begins to be defined by how well we contain ourselves and how little we need to experience deep connection. We begin to pride ourselves on our ability to maintain control of our vast inner worlds. Our ability to feel ourselves and others slowly atrophies and we wonder why life isn’t as vivid as it once was. We wonder why our capacity to affect change in our lives recedes. To quote TED speaker Brene Brown, “You cannot selectively numb”. Reversing this process is the key to real power.

What if we didn’t need to stay separate and safe? We find our true power in vulnerability, in the unexplored terrain inside of us—the rich, fertile ground of our subconscious, our secrets— and share our most vulnerable truth with another person.

The Power Retreat is a three day immersive experience where you will explore the secrets you didn't know you had. You'll leave with a new sense of rightness, the power found through deep connection, and a new template for how to live with more power than ever before.

"If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you."— Gospel of Thomas


The Retreat includes

  • Innovative tools and practices to cultivate fulfilling relationship
  • A community of connection – retreat participants, both singles and couples, from around the world
  • Lectures and coaching circles with senior OneTaste faculty, to free stuck patterns and build relationship based on desire
  • Daily practices to integrate your learning – meditation, yoga, writing
  • Time to fully relax in the gorgeous surrounds of the Northern California woods - let nature restore and enliven you
  • Simple modern shared accommodations
  • Delicious organic meals prepared by our in-house chef


$4,399 On a payment plan with a deposit

$3,999 Paid in Full

For inquiries or to speak with a live representative, please contact Eli Block: +1.800.994.0041

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