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The Men's Course

The messages we get as men are so incredibly mixed. So, what’s the truth? Are we supposed to be caring or firm, sensitive or strong…the list goes on.

The truth is women are seeking a man with the capacity to feel deeply AND be firm and capable of adding structure to her wildness. They seek a man who can receive apparently contradictory or just plain illogical signals and rise to meet the challenge with a sense of humor and play.

Relating with women as taught by OneTaste is a high-intensity sport. If you sign up, you will learn to handle her with a sense of mastery. And, like all high-intensity sports, this game will require you to develop confidence, fluidity, sensitivity and strength.

So, men, are you ready for something new?

Whether you've learned the practice of Orgasmic Meditation and are ready for a bigger bite, or you're totally new and want to experience a revolutionary paradigm of relating, The Men's Course is a vital upgrade to your outdated operating systems.

Intro to Orgasmic Meditation and The Men's Course are both essential intro-level courses in Orgasmic education.


"Throw out everything you ever knew about women. Throw out any dating advice told to you by friends and family, well-intentioned or otherwise. When I took the Men's course it spun my head and flipped my entire being 360 Degrees. In it I realized and remembered again that women speak a different language. You will ask - 'How come you didn't hear them speak it. They must be only speaking it amongst themselves?' During the course I realized that they have been speaking it all along but I heard it rarely. It's the language of connection and the feminine.

As men we are constantly messaged to suppress our feelings and put your Big Boy Pants and Carry On. Using this suppression and disconnection became more and more prominent for me. No wonder women couldn't feel me. In this course I took a deep dive in the feminine which exists in me and around me and had a glimpse into the world of connection.'"— Derek, Los Angeles


Men's Course participants will

  • Experience a live demonstration of Orgasmic Meditation by master practitioners
  • Learn a completely new paradigm for relating based on the tenets of Orgasmic Meditation
  • Uncross your internal "wires" about sex, anxiety, desire and sensitivity and return power to the rightful places
  • Learn how to see "360 degrees" of a woman, not just the parts you've been trained to pay attention to
  • Discover your internal blueprint and how purpose, sex and service can conspire to bring you true fulfillment
  • Learn how to convert your "problems" into games and enjoy every aspect of relating with women
  • Learn the truth about surrender, commitment, and how to relate from "feel vs formula"

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