Orgasm the new wellness

2018: Journey Into an Intimate Life

What if 2018 was the year you dove into exploring connection?

You’ve tried juicing, yoga, giving to charity. This year, explore the final frontier of wellness. The place you want to explore most and have the least access to. Through the simple, goalless practice of Orgasmic Meditation, you can be at home in your body and your sexuality and have the intimacy and connection you’ve wanted. Give yourself the gift of OM.

Class Details

  • 10 AM - 6PM
  • LA, SF, NYC, and London
  • Introduction to the philosophy of OM
  • Live demonstration of OM by senior practitioners
  • Interactive dialogue
  • Step by step explanation of the mechanics of OM
  • You don't OM in class, but learn all the basics to try it yourself

What if 2018 was the year you journeyed into your intimate life?  The Intro To OM Class is the best place to start. Confidentially and professionally held, the course is a fun and welcoming day with experts in the field. Learn, experience, ask questions. After a day, you'll feel excited to take the new information and start a new practice.