The Experience

Business Intensive

Jul 23 - 29

This program is for trailblazers. For those who know that empathy, connection, and attention are more important now than ever in business. For those who want to learn how to re-write existing paradigms of business to include more vulnerability, more connection, and more love. Embrace the messy and explore your power!

Those who know us know that OneTaste is more than just a business. We are leading a movement to bring Orgasm to the world. But how do you create a movement? How does it feel different than your average business? You’ll get to experience it hands-on as we collaborate together to bring your ideas to life.


Deep Dive into the 7 Law of Orgasmic Business

  • Knowing Your Why
  • Taking 100% Responsibility
  • Tapping into Intrinsic Gifts
  • Self Management
  • Building Community
  • Maximizing Resourcefulness
  • Tenacity and Resilience

Course includes

  • Daily coaching circles with Joanna Van Vleck during the immersion
  • Weekly video calls facilitated by OneTaste faculty
  • Monthly events with fellow Intensive students A collaborative business project
  • A group reading list

NOTE: Space in the Intensive is highly limited and only available to qualified participants. If you’re interested in plunging into The Intensive, contact Rachael Hemsi at [email protected] or +1 (510) 689-6384 today.

Who We Are

Learn from our world-class experts in the field of Orgasm, bringing together years of experience and practice

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