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Throughout our lives, we're bombarded with messages from our families, our friends, our jobs, and the media about what we're supposed to do and what we're supposed to be. Through all those expectations, we learn to ignore our deepest desires. Eventually, we may become so deaf to these desires that there's nothing even there to ignore.

At OneTaste, we believe people are meant to live orgasmically—more is possible for our relationships, connections, sex and the world. Through Private Coaching, we can reawaken that place of wisdom inside us that we mute over the years — the place that knows what we want and believes we deserve it. 

OM Training

OM Training is personalized guidance for your practice from an experienced OM Trainer. OM may look easy at first. In the very beginning, it's all about technique and putting in the time.

Private OM Trainers give you the guided expertise you're looking for. Just like a trainer at the gym gives you a better workout, our certified OM Trainers give you direct guidance and feedback to ensure your OM practice is attuned. Receive important information about ergonomics, how to find the "spot," and how to maximize sensation. Receive personally tailored exercises to improve your stroke and get the most out of your OM.

OM Trainers work by the session—have as few or as many as you'd like. Most people feel the effects after just one session, with OM becoming much more focused and sensational. Hiring your private OM Trainer will ensure that your practice is leading you to optimal growth. Learn Orgasmic Meditation your way.

OM Trainers are available in person or via Skype from anywhere in the world.

OM Training Topics include:

  • Philosophy of OM
  • Basic technique
  • Tailored exercises
  • How to get on the spot
  • Upstrokes and downstrokes
  • Goallessness
  • OM as a practice
  • How to describe sensation in your body

Private Coaching

We have a saying, "As in Orgasmic Meditation (OM), as in life." As you begin your practice of OM, your entire life begins to shift. You feel desire, sometimes for the first time. A OneTaste Coach is your guide through the land of OM, sex, relationships and more. Our Coaches guide you through what you want and expand through there.

Each coaching package is personalized. We offer coaching in series of 3, 6 or 12 sessions—all designed with your particular needs in mind. Start with a free exploratory conversation where our certified coach will get to know you and uncover what is best for you. Together you will craft a package tailored specifically to your personal desires.

Have access to a completely individualized and personal OM Life—a lifestyle that includes your orgasm and everything that goes with it.

Private Coaching Benefits:

  • Increase desire
  • Deepen intimacy
  • Clear blocks from past relationships
  • Learn about the feminine/masculine dynamic
  • Find your purpose

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