Stephen Horvath


Stephen Horvath

Stephen is a relationship and intimacy coach based in Munich. He shows men and women how to have deep connection by gently guiding them with approval and joy through confronting areas of their lives such as desire, shame, guilt, and sex. His clients learn to love the parts of themselves that they thought were unlovable and through that process discover they can access hidden places of power. Stephen gives careful loving attention that help his clients feel more open and clear and confident.

“I love coaching because it’s worked so well for me. When I first started OM I had so much shame that it had me paralyzed in my interactions with women. I’m not like that anymore. Practicing Orgasmic Meditation together with regular coaching sessions have had me know all of my habits and patterns with women so that I don’t get stuck in them anymore. Now on the other side I am playful and confident and that has opened up so many new experiences. I see a coach as a guide who walks next to me on the path and holds the flashlight.”

Stephen works with a limited number of clients at a time. His working style is immersive, and includes regular attention via text message and short calls between sessions. He works with people that

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