Sasha Hood

San Francisco, CA

Sasha Hood

Sasha is a senior teacher and coach of the practice of Orgasmic Meditation. She has been teaching and coaching since 2009. She has been a practitioner and student of the orgasmic lifestyle, living as a TurnedON woman unconcealed in the world. Sasha is a teacher and practitioner of the threefold practice; Flooding, Metabolizing, and Revealing. Orgasmic Meditation, Yoga Flow, and Sitting Meditation. Sasha has been teaching and coaching since 2009.

Sasha is also a Student Midwife and loves the opportunity to educate and serve women prenatally and postpartum, in care of their babies, their bodies and their sexuality. Her skill in midwifery and women’s health makes her an excellent choice for a being a guide to women on their journey of sex and orgasm. She offers OM training to women prenatally and postpartum, and believes that embracing our involuntary is the key to a peaceful, connected, body-based and powerful childbirth experience.

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