Prahas Nafissian

Sedona, Arizona

Prahas Nafissian

Prahas took a deep dive into the teachings which OneTaste has to offer. He completed the Coaching Program in 2016, and attended the Nicole Daedone Leadership Intensive. Prior to coming to OneTaste, he spent 20 years practicing meditation and participating in many personal growth workshops. He has worked as a composer, playwright, computer consultant, bookkeeper, and health food store employee!

Prahas' company is named Exquisite Attention Coaching, and he focuses on two areas: Coaching for Wake up, and Intimate Relating 2.0. In the former area, he stands beside you as you come to know your innermost core; and he helps you to see clearly and dissolve the obstacles to your awakening. In an Intimate Relating 2.0 coaching package, Prahas helps you to bring more love and connection into your life. Two of the many tools he may share are the Relating By Design process, to help you custom-build a relating container which maximizes depth and Turn On; and Orgasmic Meditation Training, which will give you a practice to help you open, become vulnerable, stay present, and feel what is happening in the moment.

Prahas leaves you with a couple of words from Rumi: "Walk out into the indications of where you must go."

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