P. Valerie Dauphin

Los Angeles

P. Valerie Dauphin

Valerie is The Dancing Life Coach and Award-Winning Author of Feel Good Kick Ass Confidence: Using Your Body to Rock Your Life. She is a dance/fitness instructor, dancer, and created a series of transformational growth workshops that utilize dance as the vehicle to access your wisdom, power, and insight. Her mission is to inspire you to live confidently and authentically with harmonious flow in every area of your life through cultivating a deep connection to your physical body.

As a Certified OneTaste Coach and Certified Orgasmic Meditation (OM) Trainer, Valerie specializes in working with women who struggle with sexual anorexia. Sexual anorexia is defined by sexual deprivation, which can also result in long periods of time between romantic relationships and dating altogether. As described in Dr. Patrick Carnes’ book Sexual Anorexia: Overcoming Sexual Self-Hatred, sexual anorexics “suffer silently, consumed by a dread of sexual pleasure and filled with fear and sexual self-doubt. They feel profoundly at odds with a culture that tirelessly promotes sex but is strangely unconscious about sexuality.” Valerie has experienced a tremendous amount of healing and growth in her own journey with sexual anorexia and is passionate about helping women gain the support and develop the tools to create and allow the intimacy they desire.

Valerie also specializes in helping transgender individuals cultivate a body image where they act on the truth that their body is their ally, not their enemy, in unlocking and actualizing their dream lives. She regularly facilitates transgender body image danceshops in Los Angeles, where she resides. Valerie loves cookie dough ice cream, New York-style pizza, and her fiercely feminine feline Kali.

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