Nancy Coleman

Los Angeles

Nancy Coleman

Nancy has immersed herself for over four years in the study of everything Orgasm — she’s a certified OneTaste coach, and chose to take the Coaching Program 3 times because she loved the experience so deeply.

After taking the first Nicole Daedone Intensive in November 2014, she became an OMLife Member choosing to, again, stay in an ongoing educational orgasmic container, then signing up for a second year because she loved the results so much. She is now the Desire Coach for all OMLIfe Members, like the guidance counselor who helps students get clear on their path.

Nancy is passionate to guide OM practitioners who desire to get their practices on the spot for where they are on their path. She also loves helping those who have shut their orgasm and sex down to reignite it by giving specific assignments that will open the client step-by-step.

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