Michael Charming


Michael  Charming

Michael is a banker, writer, public speaker, leader and sexological bodyworker. He is a Certified OneTaste coach who completed the Coaching Program 6 in 2013. Born and raised in India, he is very well connected with Spirituality, Intuition, Love and Compassion. Michael has lived across 3 different continents and has travelled more than 40 countries of the world.

Michael is a tantra practitioner and he believes in leading a balanced life consisting of both masculine and feminine. Using curiosity, attention, passion, love and sharp instinct, he specializes in supporting his clients living a desire-based life full of authenticity, power and freedom. His coaching practice focuses on providing an experience of love and approval and he designs the best technique for each individual so that they can feel safe to come out, grow, become sensual beings and zing in all aspects of their lives and relationships.

Michael specializes in guiding both women and men to feel more in their bodies, potentiate their sex, re-energise the areas of life that have been numbed out and help clear the barriers that keep them from having what they want. Being skilful and great master of cultivating desire into a reality, he will never give up on you and your desires. Michael believes that our inner world works in conjunction with outer world as such it is important to have adequate attention on both. He also believes that because relationships often reflect aspects of ourselves that we keep hidden, relationship is the perfect practice to wake up to creating the life we want.

Having said the above, his coaching style is not for the faint of the heart. Being involved in numerous global projects and numerous committees, he only works with limited number of clients at a time who are serious about their own transformation and are willing to do the work for themselves. He specialises in working with both, men and women whether as individuals or as couples and his areas of expertise includes:

  • OM training and coaching
  • relationship and creative relating
  • feeling and expression of desires
  • creating deeper intimacy
  • sex and sexuality
  • clearing emotional blockages and opening communication channels
  • life and desire based coaching

Michael is currently working on writing two books and in becoming an international public speaker. In collaboration with other Certified OM trainers, he is currently also working on expanding OM to other parts of UK and Europe.

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