Meenal Kelkar

Los Angeles

Meenal Kelkar

Meenal’s greatest gifts as a coach were hard-won through her own awakening from re-opening her shut down libido and body years after sexual assault, and dismantling a heavy conditioning from tradition and culture. By seeking out and adopting a wide range of consciousness practices, Meenal discovered a fearless inner courage ans vitality and converted the obstacles that could have torn apart her 30-year marriage into opportunities to deepen, strengthen, and bring the sex into her partnership. Meenal intuitively helps steer clients towards an ever-increasing sense of aliveness, sensuality and zing in all aspects of their lives and relationships. In Meenal’s presence, clients discover the ability to voice things previously unsaid; to feel parts of themselves previously numbed out; and to listen and act upon the quiet true voice that is often drowned out.

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