Leida Kapllani

New York

Leida Kapllani

Leida is an OM Life certified coach. She is been practicing and teaching Orgasmic Meditation for over 2 years and gained OneTaste Coach certification with their Coaching Program 10. Leida is also a Zen Buddhist student of over 12 years cultivating single pointed attention through the eightfold path.

She is passionate about inspiring people to live a turned-on life based on desire, power and purpose. She is passionate about OM training singles and couples and specializes the following coaching aspects:

•struggling having quality relationships and dating •struggling having connected sex •getting triggered in sex because of past experiences

So if you are someone who wants to have fulfilling, exciting and rich relationships and sex life, get in touch with her.

Leida lives in NYC, coaches and OM trains people in person and internationally via phone or Skype.

Interested in working with Leida Kapllani?

Call 1-800-994-0041