Krista Kaufman

New York City

Krista Kaufman

A natural mediator and lover of nature, Krista will support you to awaken and connect to your primal self and desires. A believer in the healing power of pleasure, Krista is a Certified Orgasmic Mediation Coach and founder of Heart Song Sanctuary a collaborative community living lightly and simply with the rhythms of the land.

As a self proclaimed intensity junkie, teaching downhill skiing, trail running, horseback riding and Forrest yoga were my practices for emotional salvation. About 6 years ago, she became aware of the pulse and vibration that is present in everything and began to slow down and go in rather than speed up and move away from sensation.

Weaving principles of Tantra, subtlety of cranial sacral and conscious play of masculine and feminine, Kristas dynamic attention will invite and illuminate the dark rich places that hold the keys to set your free!! She delights in working with women in life transition and couples who yearn to have a relationship that feeds, nourishes and challenges them!

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