Kevin Williams

San Francisco, CA

Kevin Williams

Kevin had a varied career before becoming a OneTaste Certified Coach. He went to school and university in South Africa and studied law, while white water rafting and kayaking in his spare time. After graduating, he taught English and was a writer, editor and actor in Taiwan. He returned to South Africa and practiced international, regulatory, constitutional and corporate law for several years. In 2008 he moved to London where he was an academic and a lawyer in the field of international investment law.

He discovered the practice of Orgasmic Meditation in early 2013 and it had an immediate and profound influence on his life, and his relationships with people. After practicing daily and being involved in the growing London OM community for a year, he enrolled in the OneTaste Coaching Program (no 8) in New York. He began coaching and OM training as part of the program, while at the same time doing the complete overhaul of his life that he had always wanted.

Kevin got married in January 2015 and moved to San Francisco, where he is based.

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