Kathi Hopp


Kathi Hopp

Kathi is a certified Life Coach and Orgasmic Meditation Trainer, based in Munich, Germany.

Often in life we feel stuck because our learned beliefs and conditionings play out unconsciously and stand between us and our desire. Only when guided by our truest desire and following its subtle always-present voice from within are we able to be fully present and connected with ourselves and those we interact with in the outside world, as a result.

Kathi works with men and women who want to feel rooted in their purpose. Who want to feel alive and right about themselves.

With exquisite attention and skillfully reflecting your words back to you, she gives you permission to touch old unhealed spots within you and express your most vulnerable desires and uncomfortable thruth. You will learn to ask for what you want, in a way that others can hear .

Kathi supports men who want to learn how to feel more and trust their feeling, especially when it comes to relating to women. She supports women in turning their internal light on to have it shine bright and strong. She also trains men in relating with TurnedOn women.

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