Ian Reclusado

Portland, OR

Ian Reclusado

Ian offers his clients the tools and perspectives he has gained from over a decade of work in self exploration and personal growth. His basic belief is that all states of being are workable and that we can intrinsically trust our basic experience to always have a back.

His coaching method is to delve into the hidden desires that give birth to problematic behaviors, and to shine a light on the heart of whatever challenge you are facing. When the parts of you wreaking havoc on your life are welcomed and listened to, they stop throwing tantrums and start working alongside you!

He has worked in traditions as varied as Zen Buddhism and African ritualistic practices. He has helped organize spiritual groups in both New York City and Portland, OR, and he was one of the founding members and leaders of the Portland Orgasmic Meditation community. He has also served on the board of directors for the Ancestral Wisdom Bridge Foundation, a non-profit based out of the Albany NY area.

Ian most enjoys helping people recover their passion and their sense of purpose in their life, and he specializes in working with people who are:

  • Stuck in a rut and can’t seem to make progress around important issues
  • Facing an major life decision and spinning out around what to do
  • Struggling with the same relationship difficulties over and over again
  • Desperately wanting change and have no idea where to start

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