Claudia Melli


Claudia Melli

Claudia is one of the longest standing coaches of TurnOn Britain. She is been practicing and teaching Orgasmic Meditation for 5 years and gained OneTaste Coach certification with their Coaching Program 6. With a Masters Degree in Psychotherapy, Claudia had a previous 5-years background in mind/body integration, mindfulness and working with women. Now works full time as one of London’s senior coaches and teachers.

She is passionate about inspiring women to a turned-on life based on desire, power and purpose. she specialises in working with women who are:

  • struggling having quality relationships and dating
  • struggling having connected sex
  • getting triggered in sex because of past experiences or can’t climax

So if you are a woman who wants to have fulfilling, exciting and rich relationships and sex life, get in touch with her.

Claudia lives in London, teaches classes and coaches people in person and internationally via phone or Skype.

Interested in working with Claudia Melli?

Call 1-800-994-0041