Chief Financial Officer


Work across marketing, sales, and programming teams to optimize the existing business and financial performance

Help identify new business growth opportunities and line up the resources and planning to execute on those initiatives

Set up key performance metrics across every department and product in the business and track performance against those metrics

Work with our existing accounting and data teams to ensure all reporting coming out of the business is timely and accurate

Track overall company performance against our forecasts

Be an objective counsel to the CEO and other executives in guiding all aspects of the company to meet its goals

Lead the company through any on-going or future financing transactions

Provide requested reporting and meet quarterly with the OneTaste Board of Directors


The CFO should have 10 or more years of senior leadership experience in an executive or chief financial officer role with a demonstrated track record of success and performance. This senior leadership position requires the ability to understand changing market dynamics, translating them into actionable strategy and implementing the strategy to achieve pre-set objectives as determined by the Executive Team. The CFO should have experience in managing budgets effectively across multiple departments, financial reporting, setting up effective metrics and business processes. Knowledge and experience in the wellness industry is preferred.


We’re looking for someone who is enthusiastic, excited and in love with who we are and what we do. Personally driven to make a significant impact in the world. This person is an exceptional leader and sets a phenomenal example for everyone – inside and outside our business.

The CFO will be the one of the most important and visible representatives of OneTaste. Therefore, they must portray the values, principles and philosophy of OneTaste in both his/her personal and professional life.

The CFO will embody core values:

  • Dedication to Excellence
  • A deep respect for the individual
  • Self-responsibility
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Courage
  • Kindness and Compassion
  • A fun loving spirit and a great sense of humor
Interested? Send resume and cover letter to [email protected]