A Real Life

by Nicole Daedone  Oct 28, 2016
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Originally posted: September 14, 2011

Orgasm and life have a symbiotic relationship. How you are with orgasm is how you are with life, and vice versa. Anything with a lot of charge attached works this way. Money is another great example. If you don’t feel abundant with money, your life probably doesn’t feel very abundant either.

Given that orgasm is our power source and our built in mechanism for deep intimacy with another human being, there are few things chargier. Orgasm is literally the energy from which life is created. In light of this, it is a sad to know that so many women fake their climax, pretend to like the sex on the menu, and rarely (sometimes never) ask for the connection they want.

I used to be one of those women. But after starting an OM practice, I found it impossible to fake it in the bedroom anymore. And when I stopped faking it in the bedroom, I found it wasn’t possible to fake it in the rest of my life, either. As I began to practice the real thing in orgasm and life, I realized how much I had been tormenting myself by stuffing my life into a pre-fab model. Instead, I began living a life that was unique and filled with the sensation, connection and depth I had been yearning for so many fake years.

Early on in my study of this practice, I met a woman in her mid 60’s who had been OMing for 30 years. On first glance, I noticed how attractive she was, but then, after sitting with her for an hour, I realized she was truly one of the most beautiful women I had ever met. There was just something about her. It was clear to me that her way was the way to live - that sensational, effervescent kind of experience was what I wanted for myself. I wanted to be a woman who emanated that kind of power, grace and beauty.

We often see women like that and think it is just something that is something unique to who they are. But what I know now, after years of practice and thousands of strokes, is that sensation lives in all of us. It is yearning to spill out through the floodgates of our orgasm. We just have to be willing to stop faking it, unlock it and be honest. At first we might look awfully strange. The rust built up from so many years of faking will have to run clear. Then the sensation and the power which I saw in that woman can naturally bubble up in anyone.

So take a moment this week and pick one area of your life where you’ve been faking it - whether at work, with family or in sex. For just once try being real... and see what bubbles through.

(Photo Credit: OneTaste)