What's OM Like the First Time Around

by Nicole Daedone  Sep 15, 2016
red lighting up metabiosis

January 5, 2011

Lots of guys are trying OM for the first time right now, thanks to Tim Ferriss and the chapter “The 15-Minute Female Orgasm” in The 4-Hour Body. And hundreds of people have watched our new How To OM video, How to OM. So what’s it like to be brand-new at OM?

Adam H. just tried it for the first time, and wrote the most beautiful account of his experience. So beautiful that we asked him to share it with all of you.

My first OM experience made me think of my foreign travels. I had no real formulated plan or route, just an understanding of what I thought was my destination. I remember when I first went to Italy I found myself without contact or any sense of control. I couldn't find my friend in the train station for hours, so I just wandered around clueless. The experience was a great sense of fear and excitement at the same time. It was an exploration of two radical feelings.

There was a similar feeling to the OMing experience for me. I felt no real sense of control, found myself wondering if I was doing it right, if I was doing it how it was supposed to be done. I felt somewhat lost during the first experience and felt fear. At the same time, it was exciting to explore something in a whole new way. It was a similar explosion of emotions and feelings to that day in the train station, but I knew that in the end I would build confidence from the experience. –Adam H.

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(Photo Credit: Metabiosis)