Beyond Continuous Delivery

by Dette Chimalpopoca  Aug 25, 2016
Purple Starry Night Nathan Anderson

Recently, a practitioner equated Orgasm to the stock market because of it is unpredictability and drastic changes. The recent change in the OM world which gave birth to such comparison was releasing the practice (in group and private) completely to practitioners.

Amongst my many hats, I have the Software Developer one. In my time as one, I learned to love a nifty agile engineering approach: Continuous Delivery. If you use Facebook you are familiar with that approach, constant, possibly radical changes that are often done in one go. Behind the engines, there is a pipeline constantly feeding from ideas that get down to implementation and testing. The main idea is that change happens daily and goes into production ASAP, within a day, possibly within the hour. A while back, I talked to a friend who is an OMer and a developer. I told him that I firmly believed that OT/TOB was possibly the only Continuous Delivery company in the world, head to toe. A lot of companies implement partial or total Continuous Delivery for their software though not for the rest of the company as they are not designed to percolate change at the fast speed required for Continuous Delivery. In essence, personality beats principle; all the systems are designed to preserve bureaucracies and hierarchies, not to reduce them to a minimum nor to make them highly effective in the process of trickling down decisions and information.

The amazing thing about Continuous Delivery is that it matches the scientific method of observation, measurement, and experiment, and the formulation, testing, and modification of hypotheses. So it is plainly super fast science at your service.

Now, imagine that not only you base a company in Continuous Delivery, but you also say radical changes are pretty much encouraged. However, to implement radical changes you ought to ditch a lot of control, prediction, and a sense of security obtained through small measurable steps. So what do you do, then, to find the next right step, the path or paths to growth and evolution? You bring the only tool which works well in the Unknown: ye goode olde feminine.

If you were in the last Demo Intensive, you know it already, the feminine is advanced science. If not, I am telling you dude(tte), get acquainted with the other side of the spin that speaks in whispers and bodily sensations. I ought to warn you, you are in for a rocky ride, a ride that of growth in inordinate proportions.

As you may imagine, change in an Orgasmic Continuous Delivery company is drastic, yet not impossible to cope with as you may suppose. It does require devotion, love and aiming to have principles over personalities. It requires a rare amount of connection amongst everyone involved, surrender, and an adaptability and capacity to enter flow in an instant. It brings the best of you to ride that wave or change and not to be swiped by it.

As a final thought, there is a superb review of Interstellar that I recently checked out. It basically explains that the core message of the move is "love+science will save us". Love <=> Orgasm; though there is nothing to save us from except from the idea that THIS is not made to be enjoyed. The science of Orgasmic Continuous Delivery is exactly the science I longed for, extreme, passionate, innovative and at the same time connected and in service.

(Photo Credit: Nathan Anderson)