Coming Out About OM

by Larry Davidson  Aug 15, 2016
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The day I drove my son to college he revealed to me that he was gay. I already suspected, but he never told me explicitly. Maybe he thought I wouldn’t love him or I would be disappointed in him. He waited until he was leaving on a plane to move out of state. That way, he wouldn’t have to face me if I didn’t accept him. I wish he had told me sooner. I wish he had given me an opportunity to know him better in this way before he left to live on his own. I felt proud of him for telling me. He has more courage than I do.

He no longer hides his sexual identity on Facebook or from the people he knows. I, on the other hand, keep and hold secrets. I don't typically share intimacies. I don’t want people at work to judge me. I shield myself from my family. I tend to bottle up my uncomfortable emotions until they numb me. This is all changing now.

I was on a first date when I realized I had to talk about OM openly. It's an integral part of my life and I needed to see how she would react. She needed to know that I stroke pussy three to four times a week. I ended up not telling her because I could feel the chemistry between us was off. I didn’t feel intimacy, trust or interest. OMing has taught me to be more perceptive of connection and I could tell that we weren’t going to work out.

However, when I do feel connected to someone, talking about OM gets easier. I learn to navigate my internal knots. When I feel at ease in my own body, describing Orgasmic Meditation feels like relief.

Recently, I talked about OM in a restaurant with some newly met friends. Open-minded and interesting people, the kind I want in my life. They showed enough interest in me and what I was doing that it felt appropriate to talk about myself without holding back. Sharing myself so easily is a new phase in my development I attribute to my OMing practice.

As I OM, I notice the kinds of people I don’t want in my life are those that I feel I have to hide myself from. I am finding new friends, creating a new reality where I don’t need to keep so many secrets. So yes, whoever reads this, I, Larry Davidson, do Orgasmic Meditation. Yes, I stroke pussy. It rocks, and it’s changing my life.

And Jacob – this is my coming out. One day I will tell you about OM. I will steer you to this website so you can read this. I am really proud of you. You have inspired me and given me the courage to live my life full-out, exposed, and vulnerably with a fuck-all attitude. I love you, son.

(Photo Credit: Fishnet100)