Better Than Any Cosmo Sex Tip

by Lynn Brewer  Dec 23, 2015
Better Than Any Cosmo Sex Tip

Back in college I wrote a weekly sex column for the campus newspaper. The Sex Files, as it was called, was my first experience with opening up a dialogue on sexuality. My biggest competition was inevitably whatever got published in Cosmopolitan Magazine that month, so I read more than my fair share of bad sex tips. (Pro tip: cinnamon-flavored lube BURNS and should be kept away from any and all orifices.) But what about the millions of other women who consider Cosmo to be the Bible for the modern sexually active woman? What alternative is available for busy women who haven’t got time to waste when it comes to their sex lives?

The answer is simple, but not easy.

The antidote to all those bad Cosmo sex tips is exquisite attention, which can be cultivated through the OM practice. Exquisite attention is attention combined with precision and care; so that not only do you have your attention out on you and your partner, your attention is marked with a certain specificity and love which is unmatched by any suggestion involving whipped cream, chocolate syrup, ice cubes, and/or handcuffs. Exquisite attention is the difference between hearing “You look nice today” and “That new shirt you bought last week looks great with your eyes.”

The result is an electrified increase in sensation for both you and your partner (or partners, if that’s how you swing). There’s a richness to the experience because you’re tuned in to the present moment and feeling it in real time with the events that unfold with it. And the best part is you can bring that level of attention to everything in your life, not just what happens in the bedroom. Imagine taking exquisite attention to work, or to the family reunion, or your friend’s surprise birthday party.

Sorry Cosmo, but no amount of whipped cream can match that.

This post was originally published on The OM Scribe

(Image Credit: Phil Chester)