The Healing Power of Orgasmic Meditation

by Nancy Coleman  Dec 8, 2015
The Healing Power of Orgasmic Meditation

We started our third OM. I had this feeling in my body and in my pussy that I was wanting to be seen; I was open and unguarded. I had a feeling that I wanted him to give me what he had, I wanted to be taken – taken out of control, taken to a place where I could give myself to the connection.

There was fire inside me right from the first stroke. I felt this pulsing of electricity through my body, and waves of light. I felt yearning and reaching out toward him. I felt like I fucking want to give my deepest, darkest self over to something greater than myself. I kept hearing, yes, yes, yes, it’s okay to come in and take what you desire, I give it all to you as it is my offering. It’s all I have. Please. I beg you. Come in and take this thing, I want you to have it.

Then, like a blast, I started seeing our sex. Our sex is intense, sometimes with lots of heavy pressure and compression and at other times sensitive and loving. I start seeing our sex and feeling like it’s adding intensity to the OM. So much love. So much power. I can push back and be held tight, I can be compressed and submit to the opening I so deeply desire – my body is flooding with the sensation. The pressure is building. I am not thinking whatsoever. I’m in an involuntary state where I have lost control and have been taken and opened.

And then this moment comes. This force, this power; this electricity awakens a memory like it rose out of my cells. The place where I experienced rape. The house and the feeling I had in the house, but I didn’t see myself in the picture. While seeing the scene, I physically felt in the OM that I was releasing the trauma out of my body. An incident where force was used against me and I had to surrender to save my life, now this force with it’s same power, compression and love, was healing me. I felt the trauma being taken from me, out of my body, finally releasing.

The energy required for the healing had to be greater than the power of the impact of the trauma. OM was the power, and desire its guide.

(Image Credit: YMGVCCI)