Ode to the Men who Practice OM

by Marie-Elizabeth Mali  Nov 25, 2015
Ode to the Men who Practice OM

The one who — after practicing with me once — remembers weeks later that I need an extra pillow for my left leg and sets up his nest that way without my asking for it.

The one who can’t find my clit and asks for help.

The one who has an extra-soft blanket for his nest and always has a mat under it.

The one who strokes so lightly that I have to reach out for him, have to own and reveal my hunger for connection.

The one who can feel the peaks so acutely that he keeps me on the edge of climax without going over for the last 5 minutes of the OM.

The one who shows up on time, every time.

The one who, almost teary-eyed at the end of the OM, lets his soft heart be exposed.

The one who has trouble putting on the gloves without ripping them.

The one who has such a solid, grounded presence that my mind quiets.

The one who’s so nervous that the sweat drips off his forehead onto my thigh.

The one who is so grateful for my patience when adjusting him that he thanks me several times, saying he was about to give up on ever finding the spot.

The one who doesn’t hide his desire for me.

The one who does the towel stroke precisely, with an extra down-swipe over the hood to catch any stray lube.

The one who suddenly lets his sex out without changing the stroke, causing a rise in heat in my pussy and an ache around my introitus.

The one who can’t quite believe his good luck in finding this practice, whose hands still shake from hunger and nerves.

The one who senses a sharp spot on my clit and strokes lightly on it until it softens and opens.

The one who holds the container so well that my vigilance doesn’t get sparked.

The one who doesn’t want to fix me when I cry.

The one who feels cold in his arm at the same moment as a cold wave moves through my body.

The one who feels nothing yet and keeps showing up.

The one who doesn’t muddy the practice with a hug or a kiss on the cheek.

The one who takes care of himself by bringing extra support for his right leg.

The one who has nothing to prove.

(Photo Credit: Fishnet100)