I Was Always Meant to Teach Orgasm

by Lynn Brewer  Nov 21, 2015
Hand with nail polish next to ribbons

I have come to believe I was always meant to teach Orgasm.

At age 11, I tested out of sex education because I already knew everything on the lesson plan. By the end of high school, I had decided to pursue a career in education. In college, I dropped my education concentration suddenly in the middle of my junior year to pursue women’s studies instead. The same year, I spent a semester as a teaching assistant for my favorite writing professor to make up for the lack of class credits. It was the next year that I wrote a weekly sex column for the campus newspaper. In grad school, I tried to secure a teaching assistant position in the writing program. It didn’t work out, and without experience at the graduate school level my hopes for finding a job as a professor dwindled rapidly. Then, halfway through my graduate school experience, I founded Cliterature, a literary journal dedicated to women’s sexuality in writing.

After completing my Masters degree, I took the first job offer that came my way in a terrible job market. I then spent the next seven-plus years at an event planning job, and while I was somewhat talented at it, I couldn’t stand it. The only thing that kept me going through was Cliterature and my own writing projects.

And then I found OM.

After five months in the practice I enrolled in the OneTaste Coaching Program for reasons of self-discovery and personal growth, with absolutely, positively no intention to become a coach or teach Orgasmic Meditation.

Fast forward to the end of the Coaching Program. I'd put in my notice at the event-planning job to pursue a career in coaching and teaching Orgasmic Meditation. My curiosity around sex, which led me to my own pre-teen version of independent study on the topic, hadn’t been met with ridicule or amusement. The desire to teach, to see that little light bulb go on in someone else’s brain when it meets a new concept or unlearns an old one, came back stronger than ever after being buried under rejection and self-doubt. I remembered how much fun I had sparking new dialogues about sexuality through my sex column and Cliterature. Nowadays, when I catch up with someone from my past and tell them I teach Orgasmic Meditation, the answer is most often “Well, of COURSE you are. That’s so perfect for you!”

Last week I taught a class introducing people to the practice of OM. Every time I have this opportunity, it feels like pure joy is running through my veins. I feel exhilarated at bringing Orgasm to more people and sitting in the power I’ve found by cultivating my own Orgasm. I finally feel like I’ve found my calling and purpose. Teaching Orgasmic Meditation lands in that perfect intersection of wanting to do it, being good at it, getting paid for it, and others wanting it. To put it very simply, I’ve found my purpose.

Photo Credit: Adi Goodrich