She's Begging You To Fuck Her

by Marcus Ratnathicam  Nov 19, 2015
She's Begging You To Fuck Her

Pussies will open. It's gravity. Maybe it's a stroking practice, Or the plumber, Or some life event that cracks her open, And her pussy drops and opens And then it's fuckable. It will happen

You can hear every conversation she has with her pussy. Demands for it to open, demands for it to close. Demands to consume, to treat you like a dildo and extract everything one could fathom to extract from a plastic object.

But your job is to know more than that is possible.

You may find yourself stuck reaching for it. Pulling out all your tricks to earn your way into her pants. She'll energetically send you as much sex as she feels is safe, and that she decides is required to hire you to pry her thighs open. Because she wants them open too.

Men are stuck in the position of reaching because women don't want to take responsibility for all the things she'll have to say yes to in order for her sex to open. Yes I have hunger, yes my pussy yearns to be filled. Yes I will fuck men who I couldn't bring home to mom. Yes my pussy makes decisions for my life. Yes I am utterly powerless over its appetite.

She wants the sex but her mind has been trained to prevent her from being the woman she'd become.

Underlying all the rules she'll break to have it, she must have consent. You must ensure this. She must be willing to be with the uncontrollable fire that opens as she says yes to it. If you do it for her you'll never make it out.

The best fucking as far as I can tell is fucking she'll receive. I know guys who can ram it in there and they do really well. There's something they're able to do that eludes me. I simply can't. I can only open mine in concert with her reception.

Once she gets her first taste of it, she'll bribe you in every imaginable way to make it yours. Just as it took her saying yes to let you in, it takes another yes to let It be hers. This next Yes is even scarier because at this gate, she can't hide her untamable desire inside the package of an appropriate relationship. At this gate, she has to admit that her desire is bigger than any exterior facade could possibly normalize for the outside world. This doesn't mean you lose the relationship, but it does mean that It retains Its sovereignty. This is the only way It can stay alive. At this gate, she'll be in the most hellish purgatory you can imagine - "good enough."

Many women don't make it through the first yes, and far fewer through the second.

At this gate as with at any, all you have is a knowing that more is possible. You'll be offered the kingdom and a throne if you put your dick in just the way she wants it.

You can't surrender for her. She has to do it.

And you can't surrender to her. You can only surrender to It.

This second point is important. Because 9 times out of 10 she won't lead you there. The beast of her conditioning is far too fierce. Your only hope to make it all the way through is to surrender to It, and in this journey your only ally is her pussy. Her pussy will always hold the secret of how big her desire is, and her pussy will always betray her. As a Stroker, your only job - and really, your only hope - is to stroke her pussy with enough subtlety and goallessness and curiosity that you let It reveal Itself. If you listen to her you're fucked, because she'll do everything she can to co-opt you in to keeping it open only so much.

This is why OM is brilliant. The practice trains you to listen to It and it trains her to surrender to her own desire. In OM, she can't fake it and you can't make her fantasy come true.

Good luck.

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