87 Things I Learned In The OneTaste Coaching Program

by Lynn Brewer  Nov 15, 2015
87 Things I Learned In The OneTaste Coaching Program

When I talk to people about the OneTaste Coaching Program, they often ask what I got out of it. And just as often, I become lost as I consider how to answer. The sheer magnitude of my transformation through the six months of intense self-discovery and learning is difficult to put into a few sentences. So I made a list.

  1. I’m stronger than I give myself credit for.

  2. I’m an empath, and I’m not alone in that.

  3. If I tell people about what I sense, they won’t call me crazy.

  4. I have a lot of power to transmute, and people can feel that even if they can’t hear my words.

  5. I am a leader. People want to follow me, even if they don’t know where I’m going or what I’m doing.

  6. If you need the other person to be the container, then you’re asking that person to be perfect for you.

  7. Ducking out guarantees you’ll have to repeat the same experience again.

  8. Blaming is lazy.

  9. Experience dictates learning.

  10. All I needed to let go of the shame and disapproval around my visions was to be seen and given a purpose.

  11. I can feel and see people and what they need from me.

  12. I am deeply loved by others just for being me.

  13. I have to do things in the way that is best for me, not what works for everyone else.

  14. The shame I have around my large breasts can be traced back in part to a street harassment incident outside a nightclub, but it mostly stems from the looks on my mother’s face when she learned my first bra would have a B cup and when I graduated to a DD before graduating high school.

  15. It’s okay to the look at the past, but don’t stare into it.

  16. We all want to be connected, and sometimes we don’t want to hear other people.

  17. Nobody wants to be in “grumpy land” — they want an offer to be in another location.

  18. I can bring laughter and joy to a homeless person with my laugh and a three-minute conversation.

  19. I’m comfortable telling strangers what coaching program I’m enrolled in and telling them about OM.

  20. When my dragon is woken, she ROARS.

  21. I can tell people when I’m mad at them and they’ll still love me.

  22. It feels better to make an amend than to receive one.

  23. I know how to stroke pussy! I can’t wait to do it again, and again, and again!

  24. People love me and are in love with me.

  25. I have an impact on others because I matter.

  26. Nothing heals in isolation.

  27. The more channels you operate on, the closer you are to freedom.

  28. If I presume to know something about someone, that’s arrogance getting in the way of our connection.

  29. We are imprisoned by our ideas of what it means to be right.

  30. Daemon energy is the part of you that wants to feel your impact in the world.

  31. All judgement is jealousy; it’s the belief you can’t have it so you push it away.

  32. Purpose will alchemize identity.

  33. I have resistance when my outcome is dependent on others.

  34. I can’t let people hijack me and take me on their ride.

  35. It’s easy living with someone if I love them.

  36. I’m still on the excitement channel but I might be starting to touch the plateau.

  37. We don’t come from our parents, we come through them.

  38. There are always eyes on us in this organization, but rather than pressure and expectations, they look with love and approval.

  39. I have to trust what my partner tells me.

  40. I am hanging on to way too much physical stuff and not making room for my partner.

  41. All I need to turn on are two OMs, 20 minutes of Fear Inventory, and a little bit of movement.

  42. I’ve been undercharging my clients.

  43. It’s easier to let go when you do it with someone else.

  44. You can’t make climax happen, and you can’t keep it from happening.

  45. A woman’s menstrual cycle is the building of feminine energy. Amp up OMing frequency before it comes to make it a turned on PMS/period!

  46. We have to connect on the same wavelength as the client — otherwise it’s arrogance on my part.

  47. I can be in yellow/red and still stay connected, as well as stay in the room.

  48. Love heals everything.

  49. Nothing will ever be quite right if you don’t know exactly who you are.

  50. The goal of orgasm is not to fill up, it’s to empty out.

  51. We have equal desire to be free and possessed.

  52. Fucking isn’t that interesting on its own unless you add a level of consciousness.

  53. The thing you want to run away from is where you’ll find your purpose.

  54. Just because something has served us well in the past doesn’t mean it will continue to serve us well in the future.

  55. Desire shifts from “What do I want?” to “What is the desire asking of me?”

  56. You won’t hear something until you’re ready to hear it.

  57. Back of house teaches you what you’re really made of.

  58. If you have charge with any person on your team, do Fear Inventory around them.

  59. Simplicity and beauty de-tumesce.

  60. Vacillation is the powerless person’s power.

  61. Seeing things as negative or bad is a habit, and it can lead to being a collector or fetishist of “bad” things.

  62. When bringing something to the group, propose your own ideas, ask for other people's ideas, then ask for buy-in and help.

  63. Freedom is redefining what things mean, to detach the story of what “should be” from experience.

  64. Pleasure can come via action as well as release.

  65. Let go of addiction to being a good person.

  66. Honor and then repurpose the parts of you who can be channeled elsewhere.

  67. Transform shame into dignity by accepting who you are.

  68. If your vigilance center is on alert with your business, your business will never get anywhere.

  69. As my responsibilities grow, the practices must increase as well.

  70. Marriage is becoming the guardian of someone else’s solitude.

  71. I can’t receive a lap dance without laughing hysterically.

  72. I miss taking a turn on the Hot Seat!

  73. I’m finding more freedom in marrying my partner than others find in remaining single.

  74. Yes leads to more yes.

  75. If feeling stuck, think “Have I been here before?”

  76. Trust yourself and your orgasm. Remember who you are and let yourself be malleable.

  77. All your committee members have to be on board or they will resort to sabotage.

  78. I thought my boss would gather power from the Professor, the Drill Sergeant, and the Beast; but in the end the Party Girl is driving, the Professor is navigating, the Beast and the 8 Year Old share the back seat. Meanwhile, the Drill Sergeant is looking out the back window.

  79. Discomfort in the body is really in the mind.

  80. When you do your practices and they’re on, your desires magnetize to you instead of you having to effort for them.

  81. OneTaste is ushering in the feminine to rebalance the world of the broken masculine. The broken masculine can only become healed through the realized feminine.

  82. As a woman, crying is acceptable; power isn’t.

  83. There’s a lot of justification and rationalization to stay comfortably in hell.

  84. What drives us crazy are the things we need to grow, which will give us what we need to get where we want to go.

  85. I have a lot of room to get bitchy because I have so much natural warmth, love, and approval.

  86. I need to figure out how I adjust OMers energetically so I can find a way to voice these adjustments.

  87. People love me!

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