Rewiring My Mind, Clearing the Clutter

by Sean Eret  Nov 11, 2015
Rewiring My Mind, Clearing the Clutter

Clutter. I’m the first to admit I’m not the tidiest person. Quite the opposite, in fact; I’m quite messy. For most of my life it didn’t bother me, or at least that’s what I told myself.

Looking back at it now, and given the language I’ve learned through Orgasmic Meditation, it’s probably more that I numbed myself to the clutter. “It’s no big deal that I didn’t have a clear path to my bed,” I’d tell myself. If I did take notice, I’d beat myself up: “God! I’m so lazy I can’t even clean up!” But now, having practiced OM, I’m feeling more.

After an OM, both partners share a frame: a moment of sensation they felt in the body. It anchors all that energy and puts words to the experience. It literally changes the brain by linking the parts that think (the cortex) to the parts that feel (the limbic system).

And for me there's been a side effect from sharing frames: things that seemed to be external and not really worth my attention are now more internalized. The clutter "out there" feels more like clutter in my mind. Now I want more than ever to get rid of that clutter.

I’m working on it. Little things bother me now: that piece of trash on the ground, the OM nest I didn’t put away, the unfolded laundry. Little-by-little, I think I can make progress in having less clutter. Then, with less clutter in the condo, there’ll be less clutter in my mind. And I’ll be happier for it.

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