The Perfection in My Imperfection - Part of Falling is Learning

by Lynn Brewer  Nov 10, 2015
The Perfection in My Imperfection - Part of Falling is Learning

I treat Bikram yoga the same way I treat eating vegetables and doing sitting meditation; I instinctually hate it but begrudgingly accept the benefits and push through the resistance. I’m the chubby one in the back of the room whose breast size makes “touch your forehead to your knee” a laughable endeavor. I’m the one who kicks and screams the entire way to the studio. Every class is humbling and borders on humiliation. But I keep going back because it’s usually in that damn room where I have a moment of clarity that helps me in the rest of my life.

That happened again tonight.

We were in the middle of the balancing posture series. There were several beginners in this particular class, and people were falling out of the poses left and right. The teacher reassured them, “Don’t worry, falling is all part of this and it will help you get better. Part of falling is learning.”

When she said that, I saw how it was true beyond yoga. “Part of falling is learning” can be applied to my OM practice, where I sometimes still struggle with the basic intention of focusing my attention on the point of contact between my clit and my stroker’s finger. It’s relevant to my business, where I make mistakes weekly (if not daily). And it’s absolutely resonant with my marriage, where my husband and I are still learning the subtle dance of communication with each others words, gestures, and intentions.

I really hate falling. Falling to me has always been akin to failure, and as the most Type-A OMer you will ever meet, failure is NOT an option. But because a natural byproduct of falling is a lesson, I have permission to fall without it equating failure. There’s a certain freedom there. Now, I’m almost looking forward to the next time I fall so I can pick myself back up and get better at whatever is in front me, whether it’s yoga, my OM practice, my business, or my marriage.

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