My Fortunate 500 - Five Hundred OMs and Counting

by Sean Eret  Nov 6, 2015
My Fortunate 500 - Five Hundred OMs and Counting

There was a moment during my last OM when my upper body felt a lightness and my lower body felt heavier, more grounded. I also felt more present than I usually do in an OM. But that might've been my imagination, my story. Why? Well, because I am an animal with ten counting fingers, and my number system is based upon those ten counting fingers. In that counting system, I just had my 500th OM. Yep, 500 times I got together with a woman for 15 minutes and stroked her clitoris. Not bad for a guy that had never had a girlfriend before OM.

It's certainly been a journey. OM opened the door, and the room beyond is much more vast than simply stroking pussy. For me, that room included a weekend men's program, two programs on how to be a desire-based coach, three 5-day intensive programs, and two 5-day winter retreats. Along that path I found the courage to take on a OneTaste affiliate with an awesome woman who I fell in love with and married. And the journey isn't over yet.

Early next year I will partake in an even more potent Intensive program. The affiliate business will skyrocket. On the more spiritual plane, my wife and I will connect more deeply, and find an even truer Love. And I will unabashedly examine how my Spirit and Body can exist in greater harmony. That might require I go to yoga more often. Damn.

So yes, in the grand scheme of things, 500 may be as arbitrary as any other number. But for me, it's important: it's a guide post. And I'm just getting warmed up. Where OM will take me perhaps only Fate or Fortune knows. But I do know that it makes the ride of life a lot more fun.