The Origin Story of My Orgasm

by Lynn Brewer  Nov 3, 2015
The Origin Story of My Orgasm

Every great superhero (and supervillain) has an origin story. Even the Bible has one, and what’s good enough for Superman and Jesus is good enough for me. One of the top questions I get as a practitioner of Orgasmic Meditation is: “How did you get started with this?”

It started when I admitted to myself that I was lonely. Isolated, depressed and anxious, crying-in-my-underwear-on-Christmas-because-I-had-no-one-to-share-the-holiday-with lonely. And with that little exception, I was living a pretty decent life. I had a good job with health insurance and a 401k, I owned my condo instead of renting, and I even had a passion project that was making a wee bit of difference in the world. But there was a hollowness to it all that I couldn’t put my finger on until the L word came crashing down on me. I was lonely.

Fast forward two months, and a friend of mine had been begging me to attend an event called TurnON. He had told me about OM after learning the practice himself and put up with about ten weeks worth of questions From me. I finally agreed to go at the end of February, mostly because I had promised myself as a result of that dismal Christmas to “get out more and meet new people.” I got more out of that first TurnON than I did in five plus years of various types of therapy. But the idea of taking my pants off? AND my underwear? AND having someone gently stroking my clitoris for fifteen minutes at a time? It was something I just didn’t think I could do.

Yet at the same time, there was something about going to TurnON that I couldn’t get enough of. I liked the people there, I liked having the opportunity to learn more about myself and others, and I really liked the environment that gave us permission to discuss sexuality in a well-lit place with honesty and authenticity. So I kept going to TurnONs every week, until finally I signed up for the introductory class that would teach me how to OM.

It was a disaster. And, at the same time, it was exactly where I was supposed to be.

Afterwards, the people I had become friends with in the OM community were so supportive and loving that deep down, I knew I had found my tribe. So I kept going to TurnONs, and I saw something happening to the people who had taken the class with me and begun their OM practice. They were becoming brighter, happier, more confident and relaxed. They were turning on. And I felt left behind. Jealous, even.

So I took the class again. And I had my first OM. That was a year and a half ago. If I had been able to time travel ahead to my life today, I wouldn’t have recognized it. Everything changed — my job, my relationship status, my direction in life. And even though I could say that I changed dramatically, I won’t. Because I didn’t really change at all. I just let myself be me instead of pretending to be someone I wasn't. I’m Lynn, and I OM.