6 Reasons You Should Sleep Naked

by OneTaste Living Library  Feb 1, 2015
6 Reasons You Should Sleep Naked

Getting your beauty sleep in the buff sounds like a great way to feel sexy—at least, in theory. But believe it or not, recent studies have revealed that only 10% of people, singles and couples included, get down to commando or less when they're spinning in REM cycle. Even though OM operates on the principle of keeping it simple (meaning she stays clothed above the waist and he stays completely covered up), there are plenty of reasons for venturing into more risque terrain when it's time for a little shuteye.

Letting the girl breathe

Opening the windows and airing out a musty room sounds like a perfectly reasonable thing to do, so why deny your special bits some necessary fresh air? Going sans panties can prevent yeast infections and other nasty bacteria that are the direct consequence of keeping your nether regions overly warm and tropical.

Staying cool and cozy

Believe it or not, a Princess and the Pea bed with lots of covers and fuzzy accoutrements seldom contributes to a restful night's sleep. Orgasm dictates that you opt for what feels good—when it comes to sleeping well, a cool environment unencumbered by fancy pajamas and cashmere blankets is in keeping with our three S's: sexy, smart, and simple.

Boosting anti-aging hormones

In keeping with the “stay cool” motto we've espoused so far, sleeping with too many layers can inhibit the release of melatonin and growth hormone, which are associated with staying sexy and youthful no matter what your age. Not to mention—the hormone most associated with orgasm, oxytocin, is boosted to even higher levels when you find yourself falling asleep and waking up in stress-free conditions. It also promotes sexy dreams, natch—and stripping down certainly can't hurt the cause.

Stamping out stress-producing hormones

Sleeping under optimal conditions, which means wearing as little as possible in bed, also prevents the generation of the stress hormone, cortisol, which is associated with everything from really nasty hangovers to unwanted muffin tops. As we all know, tumescence leads to cortisol production leads to belly fat leads to all kinds of health risks, from diabetes to heart disease. So do your bod a favor and keep her orgasmic and unclad.

Sensation boosts orgasm

Try this as an experiment: Keep a window open as you fall asleep. Throw off the covers and let every square inch of your body be bathed in the sounds of late-night traffic and nocturnal critters, the soft luminescence of moonlight, random pockets of cool air, the sudden brush of a lover's hand, or the pressure of your skin against the mattress. Awareness of sensation, which is responsible for turning up the volume on your orgasm, is aided considerably when you let nothing come between you and your stimuli. Trust us: the results will speak for themselves.

Sleeping in the buff is sexy

We've already talked about how doffing your clothes can lead the production of oxytocin, which makes everyone involved feel awesome. But let's discuss the obvious. Whether you're partnered or not, sleeping nude leads to a greater sense of comfort with and self-acceptance of your body, as well as happier, healthier, and sexier relationships with potential or present bed buddies. So dispense with the old platitude of leaving something to the imagination! With all the nerve endings on your skin that are just waiting to be stimulated, there's no need to leave imagination on the wayside. Bring it along for the ride!