How Well We Rise After A Fall Defines Us

by Mark Parry  Sep 27, 2014
How Well We Rise After A Fall Defines Us

The ticket price we pay for the admission of life includes pain, suffering and stress. I hate the cost of this and I can battle and fight against it as much as I want but without it I have to admit, ‘what would life truly be like’? Without battles there are no victories, without suffering we have no saints and a world without hurdles doesn’t give us champions. If we lived in a universe that was easy and had no pain then how would we ever grow, learn and rise as a world, a nation, a race or the individual we all inspire to be.

Each of us has embedded in us diamond-like qualities waiting to be mined, polished and refined. We just have to decide if we can endure the heat, the pressure, the cutting, and the polishing of God's refining process so that he can bring out the diamond within us?

Most will choose not to stand in the fire whilst God does his work. But, for those of you who really want your diamond to break out in magnificent radiance and stunning beauty, you are the one's that God can truly use in the world.

Now don't misunderstand me because getting there is a hard and long process and one I’m going through myself. The refining gets pretty hot and hard to bear at times, its cuts and grates in your soul and it can tear your heart apart; but look closely and that stone that wasn't pretty at all when it started out starts to look magnificent.

That’s why we have to be willing to endure the pain of trials so that our diamond or what it really is; our character, soul, mind and heart can truly gleam under the scrutiny and light of life.

When caught up in danger we should not pray for the safety from danger but for the deliverance from the fear. Why should we accept the danger? Because a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor. In nature when a parent bird believes there young are old enough to fly they begin to coax them out of the security of the nest. At first the young chick is apprehensive and afraid but their instinct is to trust their body and after the brave leap of faith and fall the chicks discover they have wings! They can fly and they rise!

Our universe is constantly coaxing us as well, helping us to recognize to trust our bodies and pushing us off one cliff after another, in the hope that one day we, too, will discover our wings and soar to new heights.

If we can learn and know to recognize that the pain and difficulties of life are opportunities for ourselves to lift us up onto a higher level then the fall will always be worth the rise.

It really can be the worst feeling in the world, I know. I have cried rivers of tears and felt like dying many many times. That tight feeling in the chest and the empty hollow sick feeling in the stomach I recognize well. The dizziness in the mind and the feeling of being alone and the falling in the soul has come to me many days and nights. But what I also know is that from this dark depth it is possible to rise higher than before. Its in this journey you gain knowledge and power, its in those moments in time that a new you is born, one that is stronger, wiser and more powerful than before. Its then when you can take a look back at the old you and see for certain that the fall and pain of landing and rising again is worth the toil.

All of us make will have to face pain, suffering and stress at one point that will bring our world to a halt but if we can face our fear and let the circumstance mold our character then we will continue to rise higher and stronger again and again.