6 Things to Do If You're Whacked

by Ruwan Meepagala  Sep 16, 2014

Whacked: A state of distress that comes from confronting your ego.


So recently I was terribly whacked. I couldn't think. I had no motivation. Everything I did seemed to be tainted or wrong. While being whacked is usually a sign you've gone off course at some point in your life, it's an inevitable part of self-discovery and cultivating your orgasm.

If you look closely you can see that most of these activities fall under some obvious categories (shh, don't say it out loud.) However when you're whacked it's hard to think clearly in the first place, so more specific and simple the suggestion, the better. Here you go:


Clean a Toilet

Whackedness often comes from you confronting a delusion of your ego. To move through it your ought to do something to further dissolve the fog of you ego to see what truth lies beneath it. Really any house chore will do the trick, the grosser the better. The act of cleaning is symbolic of the process in your mind and therefore is a useful prompt for your subconscious.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="400"] Once you see you're reflection, you're probably sane again.[/caption]


Build a Home Improvement

Similar to cleaning there this involves a symbolic suggestion for your mind. Also creating something simple tangible is great to focus your attention outwards. Too much attention inwards towards yourself is what got you into this mess in the first place. Build a shelf, assemble IKEA furniture, cut flowers and put them in a vase. Any way you can use your hands to improve your space is valuable.



Retrace Your Steps to Notice Where You Lost Power

We get whacked because we didn't listen to our intuition at some point. You know where it was, though you may have may yourself forget. Go back to the last time to felt powerful. (Depending on how far removed you are from your desire, it might be a long time back.) Then go moment by moment to find every exact spot you made a decision against your better knowing. You know it's a moment of discord if you felt tired or resentful right after the decision.



Make Amends

Whackedness happens in disconnection. Either you're whacked in part because you disconnected from someone, or you disconnected because you're whacked. Regardless, resolving a disconnectiong helps you back to sanity.

An amends should include, but is not limited to an admission- where you take responsibility for disconnection or acting out of fear, and your desire moving forward. An amends isn't a simple apology. It comes with an implicit pledge to change behavior on your end. That said, you can't control if the other person will accept it or not. That doesn't matter. You make an amends to clear your side and resolve your mental baggage.

The one caveat is that you do not make an amends if it would cause harm. Some relationships you know aren't meant for you to reawaken and the kindest thing would be to leave them alone. Use your judgement.


Do service work that involves interacting with people

It keeps your attention off of yourself and reminds you how good you have it. Genuine gratitude will put you back on the map. Volunteer a soup kitchen. Visit a hospice. There are unlimited opportunities to help people less fortunate. Do anything that lets you see delight in another human.


Language of the Birds

This is a walking meditation where you actively look into your environment for answers. It comes from medieval occultists who believed that higher spirits spoke to them through the movements of doves and sparrows. The fact is you already know the answer to what you're struggling with. It's just hidden under the fog of delusion. Here we use external prompts to pull the truth out.

Ask yourself a questions. Then walk around with a silent mind and notice what catches your eye around you. There will be something you find meaningful, a number, a billboard, an overheard conversation. Whatever it means to you, is your subconscious telling you the answer.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="789"] If you're so off the wagon that you actually hear the birds speak, well, good on you.[/caption]


Being a whacked isn't a bad thing or something that should necessarily be escaped. You become less able to do things so that you can slow down and learn whatever lesson you're supposed to learn. And if you learn the lesson quickly, you can get back to normal faster.