Making love to a witch

by Mark Parry  Sep 7, 2014

For thirty something years now my sex has been surrounded by what seems solid walls of matter, I didn’t, wouldn’t and couldn’t perceive the limitless expanse and growth that existed beyond it.

Sex for me in the past was an act to display a connection and to show a side of me that is personal to ‘us’. Yes it was great and fun and my body was satisfied, but being as it was just sex on a physical level it was a fleeting physical high usually upon climax. There was always something, something that was missing, it could have been as small as a grain of sand on a beach but without that grain then it wasn’t actually complete.

So how did I learn this?

Pretty straight forward really. I have the best sex with a ‘Turned On’ woman.

This ‘Turned On’ woman taught me I cannot actually get real complete fulfillment in sex through my body alone. Where my body goes, my mind, heart and soul need to follow.

Having sex now is not a trip to a fleeting moment but a journey that takes time to slowly relish, taste and linger on every passing touch, stroke, kiss, lick, bite and penetration.

Now my sex is extremely different and its starts at every level of interaction. By drinking so deeply the blissful nectar of this woman I am left swimming in a sense of refreshment. In that moment the distinction between my personal physical form and the surroundings around me seem to melt away. The consuming feeling I experience is like I have suddenly jolted a sleeping soul to come alive for the first time. At that moment it is like my whole mind, and body experience a consistent rush of bliss, joy, connection and well-being.

Slowly to begin with and now as a consistent I have realised that during sex we are more than just bodies writhing around on the floor, exploring each other bent over some inanimate object or fucking against some church wall, we are two connected energy systems allowing each others body to serve as a portal into a deeper dimension of the infinite.

This realization came into effect only when I learnt to surrender myself to something bigger. Sex became surrender not only to myself and to her but also to ‘my little one,’ ‘my soul,’ or ‘my energy’ that lives inside me. Now don’t get me wrong thinking I am not just talking about lets hold hands and stare into each others eyes while we make love. My sex varies from it being hard and fast, releasing the beast inside me that wants to throw her around, rip her underwear to one side, bury her head in a pillow and screw the fucking mind out of her. But it can also just be as intoxicating and mindfully deep and overwhelming by just going so… so… very… slow… the pleasure is actually like a pain wanting to burst, blow up and flow out of every single pore of your being.

The pleasure from sex that arises now is that it becomes the opportunity for our energy through the vehicle of our bodies to dance, exchange, communicate and play. When this happens it is when the magic begins. I move from having sex to living in sex. In the moment there is me, them and us. We occupy the present and we live on and in the stroke and in that stroke there is only freedom.

My advice to anyone though what I have learnt is to give up all techniques, strategies and what you think you know and let go, release, relax, trust your body, dive in and embrace your involuntary.

Simply surrender.

When you surrender that’s where the fun begins.

….. I am no expert on sex with turned on women, they play and move so quickly it can seem a constant adjustment. I can only write about my experience and my learning curves. I have made copious amounts of mistakes that have cost me but some things I have learnt and these are some of them.

Exquisite Attention: I am not talking about showering her in kisses and asking what she wants every few minutes. That may be nice in the short term but in the end it comes across as smothering and obsession and that isn’t going to work with these women. What I'm talking about is an attention in a form of knowing, feeling, and seeing what can be done, for/to them before they even have thought about asking themselves. Feel with your body what is right and act on it. If it feels good then the chances are it's right.

Communication: Communication with her is as much a form of foreplay as the act itself. I am not talking just about talking dirty to each other. It's communication on a level where you connect and she understands that she has your full attention and that you can see, hear and understand everything she says. Try not to spin out when the sensation gets too high. For me when the communication level gets to a high sensation I end up making a joke or comment. BAD idea. This breaks and destroys that sensation and the moment of connection is lost. Stay connected and hold the sensation. If need be then just stop and hold the spot, just like you would in an OM.

Desire: The best way to effectively get the sex you want is to know what your desires are. To do this the best idea is, make an effort to learn more about your sexual desires. You being at ease with the inner feelings and sensations of your body helps you physically connect with her and experience a deeper sexual pleasure.

Believe me I have worried about things going from my mind to an open desire out of my mouth. I have been in situations when I wanted something but I was to afraid to ask for it. What I noticed by doing this is that my sex diminishes as each time I suppressed a desire I grew resentment inside that I was in shame of it. Amongst other things, looking her fully in the eyes and telling with confidence and no shame I want her to remove her panties she has been wearing and stuff them in my mouth wasn’t easy for me but it was something I desired and so I asked. I have things inside me that would blow her mind but being worried and scared to say them won't get me what I desire. Opening up to desire and your beast has the means to deepen your sex and more and I've found it turns her on even when it freaks her out.

Surrender: To open fully to you, she needs your presence. Nothing helps turn her on more than your real presence. She wants to feel you are with her. Surrendering means letting go of your resistance to the total openness of who you are. It means you being open with no boundaries, emotional or physical, so you feel wide beyond any limiting sense of self you might have. It means to relax your guard so she can feel your core-being, unhidden, and undefended. Your body and heart willingly open to her. Surrender I have found is a doorway to some of the richest sex.

Involuntary: My favorite. This is the prize. That moment when there are no rules, boundaries and anything is possible. If I could find the exact formula to take a woman there when I wanted I wouldn't find the time to even write this. I would be out on the street bringing women to their knees where they stood. What I have found though is if I can bring all of the above into alignment when I'm with a woman, the chances are her trust and desire for me can open this door with no keyhole. She will turn the handle for me and let me enter.