The Beast's Take on the Law of Attraction and Manifesting Reality

by Ruwan Meepagala  Aug 7, 2014

Think-and-grow-rich-COVERBefore I discovered OM, my primary exposure to 4th dimensional talk was in the "Law of Attraction." Popularized by The Secret, based on New Thought books like Think and Grow Rich, and the philosophies of magnates like Andrew Carnegie and Henry Ford, the basic principle was that thoughts become things; you attract what you think.

Skeptically I played with the idea, and very quickly noticed that the "Positive Mental Attitude" did in fact yield positive results. I thought about things I happened to want and they started happening. I got a girlfriend, I got multiple work promotions, I bought a motorcycle.

On the intellectual level there was both a 3rd dimensional (scientific) and 4th dimensional (magical) explanation:

The 4th dimensional explanation as advertised by The Secret was that positive thoughts set the Universe in motion that had things "manifest" in your reality. The 3rd dimensional explanation was that it was self-fulfilling prophecy, placebo--I had certain expectations so I subconsciously took the actions that made it likely for "good" things to occur.

The explanation didn't actually matter as much as the results. Since I saw it seemed that thinking about things made them happen, I did what most Law of Attraction neophytes do, which is try to make lots of things happen by thinking about them. I wrote down desires of money, and cars, and women, and credentials.

Nothing on my desire list manifested.

Furthermore, I couldn't explain why, despite all my affirmations, vision boards, and positive thoughts, I kept running into life obstacles and strife.

Until I started OMing my model of understanding was incomplete. In OneTaste's Ignited Man class, something clicked when I heard the instructor say

"True desire is demonstrated by attainment."

This means what we get what we really want. Anytime you see a conflict between your intention and your reality you are probably mixing up the projected expression of your ego with the true desire of your beast (you can replace "beast" with "soul" or "subconscious".)

If you find that you are not manifesting what you say you want, you're probably setting intentions from ego projections and you have a soul adamant enough to stop you.

Your beast will get what it wants eventually, whether you get on board or not.

For instance, I didn't understand why I ended up broke last year despite my financial competence and desire for wealth. Then after much fear inventory, I realized that deep inside, I had fear that if I had money again, I'd use it to create a complacent lifestyle that would divert me from my growth. Once I addressed and recommitted to my deeper desire to remain on a path of growth, business picked right back up again.

It's not that material extravagances are bad, it's that indulgence is boring to the beast. The beast wants to play not stagnate. Material wants are only interesting to the beast as much as they can contribute to further creation. A close friend put it this way,

All your life's "problems" are games your soul created for your ego to play with.

Whatever you experience in your life, you created for yourself on purpose. Until you accept that you will alway feel like a victim or nihilist in a meaningless world. They've found that even the victims of rape could only let go of their trauma and victim identity once they acknowledged every instance that they contributed to it happening. Admitting your role in your personal strife is extremely difficult to admit, but once you do, you regain agency in your life and can start materializing your true desires.

True desire doesn't come from the ego. The ego doesn't understand desire in the same way an earthworm doesn't understand the color green. Even if your ego decides to "do the right thing," it's not sustainable because willpower is not the same as the flow of nature.

"Manifesting desires" gets confused with thinking about arbitrary wants. Your desire isn't deduced consciously, it involuntarily arises from your subconscious, your "beast," your soul. It's not really up to you, at least not the "you" that has a choice. To manifest desire is to say yes to the feeling for action that comes through you, because that feeling is nature.

Intellectual understanding always has conflict because it's ideas aren't grounded in reality. When you viscerally experience truth coming through you, both the 3rd dimensional and 4th dimensional explanations collapse into a tautology:

When you act in accordance with nature, nature acts in accordance.

From there, there's nothing to "manifest." Attracting what you want simply means not sabotaging what your soul is trying to do.